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With more and more people working in an international environment, there is a growing need for English teaching material that develops business skills and soft business skills. Business Partner, the brand-new course from Pearson, provides a flexible modular approach, functional language and plenty of practice – so your students won’t have to worry about their careers being held back by their English skills!

Business Partner at a glance

Business Partner builds on a task-based approach, which incorporates presentation and practice with lots of communicative pair-work and group tasks and projects.

Business Partner:

  • Features new, up-to-date content supported by authentic material in the form of videos and texts.
  • Develops English-language skills and grammar in a realistic business context.
  • Focuses on developing communication skills with the help of a video-based programme.
  • Includes Business Skills lessons for topics such as presentations, negotiations and relationship building.
  • Takes a modular approach for more flexibility and personalization
  • Includes business writing practice in every unit
  • Encourages collaboration through Business Workshop case studies. Includes mock tests for the BEC exams
  • Provides additional online practice on MyEnglishLab

Authentic English is important for professionals!

The course’s most distinctive feature is that it provides as much authentic material as possible.   

Videos: Business Partner includes authentic video content based on real business problems. It introduces unit topics, exposing students to English in practice and the kinds of issues they may encounter in their careers.

Reading texts: Pearson and the Financial Times have teamed up again to ensure there is enough authentic reading content. The articles build on the topics discussed in the videos, further exposing students to real English while developing their understanding of the business world. 

Business Partner - a version created especially for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein!

It includes:

Five to six special lessons per level referring to the local industries. These lessons are supported by video material, podcasts and articles taken from the Financial Times.

Wordlists in German, French and Italian available soon.

The modular approach - why does it work for business?

As most of your English learners will be employees or business students, it’s essential that you can adapt the material to their needs. If your students need to prepare a presentation for their studies, for example, you’ll want to be able to teach them about presentation skills.

Business Partner provides this flexibility, allowing you to pick and choose topics and lessons rather than having to follow the order of the book.