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Focus on IELTS prepares students for IELTS exams and future academic study. The new edition has been updated and includes more vocabulary, a stronger focus on exam skills and extra academic skills sections.


Focus on IELTS

Main features

  • The material is better suited to the classroom than independent study.
  • A good solution if you don’t have time to prepare your lessons from the scratch.
  • Content is attractively laid out.
  • Updated and interesting topics.
  • Additional supplementary material at the back includes academic word list, writing practice and grammar guide.
  • Critical Thinking and Reflective Learning training helps students become more analytical as learners.
  • Focuses on improving exam skills.

The new edition at a glance

  • Fifty percent more language and vocabulary input.
  • Two completely new units.
  • New texts and lead in activities.
  • Exam tips.
  • Four new academic strands (ten Academic Style Sections, ten Academic Vocabulary Sections, five Reflective Learning Sections and five Critical Thinking Sections)
Focus on IELTS Foundation

Focus on IELTS Foundation

Focus on IELTS Foundation

Skills for IELTS Foundation

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